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Partner with utilities, architects, engineers and contractors to identify applications for natural gas, propane and electric technologies
including Alternative Fueled Vehicles, Space Conditioning Systems and Combined Heat and Power Systems to ensure that you are
making the best possible energy decisions. 

TriEnergy Solutions LLC

TES provides expertise in energy services

Feasibility Studies
Research and investigate the potential for a competitive energy solution
including energy efficient equipment that provide operational cost savings.

Utility Coordinator
Coordinate activities relating to utility installation, relocation and
utility service on assigned projects.
Acts as a liaison between design engineers/contractors and the
utility companies.

Alternative Fueling Solutions
Complete competitive transportation fuel savings analysis and
assist with sizing and designing of fueling stations.  We have been
very active with assisting government and commercial fleet managers to successfully integrate alternative fueling stations into their
operations with the utilization of cheap domestic fuels.

Energy Economic Analysis
Complete a detailed energy economic analysis from historical energy consumption data and costs enabling the ability to identify
operational cost savings opportunities and recommending systems upgrades, alternative fuel use and choice of energy supplier so as
to reduce overall operational costs.

Management of Energy Supply Side
Evaluate your current energy bills in order to ensure reliable least cost service for your business and maximize the performance of your
energy portfolio to reduce overall operational costs.

Business Development
Develop and implement energy programs that are unbiased and focused on what is best for you regardless of the energy choice.
Provide energy solutions to help address short and long term energy needs by allowing you to meet your goals and maximize

Energy Presentations
Give presentation to businesses and associations on various energy technologies and their performances.

Project Management
TES has over 25 years of engineering and project management within the utility industry.  We are highly responsive and flexible in
managing energy projects.  We can easily manage even the most difficult projects and have proven to understand customer
requirements while keeping within their allowable budget and cost requirements.